Most people who come across secondary materials written about Wikileaks have only a vague idea of what is happening to the world right now. Most people who go straight to the source know even less.

As an academic, one might listen to Julian Assange with the same sort of delight one feels when listening to one’s favorite piano sonata played live, with precision. A rarity. When we hear the piece performed with excellence, a sense of relief comes over us: Finally. This is not yet another mediocre talent.

He’s going to make mistakes but they’re not going to be devoid of all good sense. He’s going to get caught up in his newly-found fame now and then, but he’s not going to abandon his primary goals. He’s hungry and there’s lots of hunting to be done.

As a free thinker who abhors a following, it almost pains me to throw out compliments about Assange, but in some circles, the words are heavy in the air and need to be spoken: Knowledge is finally taking over. This is what Assange represents. Assange is not taking over but his ideals are. Those ideals are shared by many of our peers around the world today but they are not new. They have existed at least since the dawn of philosophy and science. In particular, these have existed since the first conscious being was able to articulate the concept of knowledge, which is unrestricted by trivial concerns and is free.

Kudos to the man and those like him. Assange is articulate, his statements are analytical and reflect cogent reasoning. The facts he discusses in response to loaded questions are actually relevant. Fallacies thrown at him are often identified as such before a speaker has even completed the sentence. His mind works quickly, and the steps in his reasoning have a rigorous logical order. It’s all very common in some circles, but those circles are quite small. In a perfect world, we all reason this way.

Don’t venerate the man but feel free to experience a massive sense of relief in the face of what this means: An intelligent and rebellious clan with good intentions and a charismatic speaker. The group is performing a takeover and the prize has no limit. The world has been taken out of the hands of a suppressed media and handed to a group of individuals who have become, by design, unstoppable. The world has yet to appreciate this fact, as can be judged from mainstream media reports. Make no mistake– cut off one source and three more will grow. Intelligent people with mainly good intentions are everywhere and multiplying.

Wikileaks Video of Iraq killings
Wikileaks Video of Iraq killings

The revolution taking place is centered on justice, truth and freedom. The underlying message is to ignore the emotional and political subtleties that detract from the truth; hold a “sword in one hand” but keep in mind that the fight is entirely based on the goal of justice;[1] exposing the truth is the  first condition in that pursuit. No sound judgment can be made in the absence of facts–in the absence of all the facts, uncolored and untainted by the ambitions of humans who lust after power and sacrifice their young men and women for the elite classes by sending them out to war.

Hence the quote Assange alludes to, according to which soldiers are “contemptible drones”.[2] Of course, soldiers aren’t the real culprits. Their governments are. And these are the ‘elites’ in the distinction made between ‘popular’ opinion and elite opinion in Assange’s interview. While the masses are busy watching football, going to church and worrying about the afterlife, government executes its will for its own benefit. Wikileaks is exposes reality, even if not all will care to look or be capable of processing what they see.

And so the new trend of transparency opens up a level of inquiry we might never have thought possible. The ideals of thinkers like Michel Foucault and John Stuart Mill suddenly become thinkable, according to which those with power are the ones with knowledge; ideals according to which a citizen should be competent with the facts in order to vote for a national leader; no opinion should be silenced because the exchange of ideas is the only activity that distinguishes humans from lower animals. This is what we call freedom of expression in America, but that term must earn its meaning. Suppression of truth translates directly into the loss of freedom and humanity is nothing if not free by nature.



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