If you wish to defame someone who is shedding too much light upon your illegal activities, you must take precautions to avoid embarrassing yourself in the process. A few strategies by which to abide:

Ensure that the defamatory messages are credible to the general public, based on precedent and stereotype. For instance,

  • When defaming a renegade law enforcement official, use allegations such as rape and physical assault.
  • When defaming an intellectual, use allegations of unlawful protest or public drunkenness.
  • For clergy members and other religious leaders, statutory rape and terrorism are classic favorites.
  • For technologically savvy free speech advocates and hackers, use terrorism and unlawful distribution of sensitive materials that threaten National Security.

Ensure that the defamatory messages are clearly articulated

In order for charges to be brought forth, they must be clearly defined in accordance with existing laws in the location of the fabricated crime. All nations have some form of law prohibiting rape and molestation, so these are often useful allegations.

Ensure that any charges brought forth will not be immediately revoked within a short time of the initial allegation. A crucial criterion for this requirement is to gather credible accusers (the larger their number, the greater the credibility). Credibility requires a strong story and rigorous coaching.

Credibility and the appearance of legitimacy will require financial reward for your accusers. In the unfortunate event of an accuser who retracts her story, preparations must be in place for her elimination.

Sources of propaganda

Do not use the tabloid media as your medium for delivering the defamatory messages. If a respectable news source will not consent to publishing your defamatory story, wait. Do not opt for the first tabloid that offers its cooperation. In not exercising patience, you risk losing all credibility in future attacks.

In the case of the US, try not to violate the First Amendment; your people hold too dearly to it for this to be an efficient strategy. Instead, use underground activities that will not directly undermine your government and institutions.

To this end, hire technologically savvy analysts and consultants. Failure to do so damages your appearance of legitimacy and credibility, both of which may result from absurd public statements demonstrating ignorance of the underlying technology.

Because the intellectual and technologically savvy community is plagued with moral do-gooders, financial incentive and blackmail will be necessary in order to employ the services of its members.

Good luck, and never lose sight of our goal: A growing empire fueled by black gold.