First published at WikiLeaks Hearing on Espionage Act: Part 1


Rep. Ted Poe

“…we gotta find the original leak. And what caused it, who did it, and hold him accountable. Other issues that this brings forth is that after 9/11, the big talk was, we need to share information with different agencies in the United States government because we don’t know what one agency’s doing or knows. It should be shared.”

“So now we have mass sharing, and now we seem like we’re gonna move away from that because of this situation… I have no sympathy for the alledged thief in this situation… he’s no better than a Texas pawn shop dealer than deals the stolen merchandise and sells it to the highest bidder… but he’s doing it for political gain.”

“But on the other hand, I’m very worried about our own overclassification of information. The easiest way for a government agency to take information is to say it’s classified. Only special folks get to know what’s in it.”

He then goes on to say that someone decides it’s classified, but it’s available in the media so it isn’t classified. “And then you have that problem of the whole overclassification of documents.”

His second point:

“The security of our information is important. And those who allowed this to occur, by incompetence, negligence or whatever, we have to fix that problem.”

“I’m very concerned about that because of the fact that… we’re the greatest powerfulest nation that ever existed and we need to [ration?] our security to keep hackers from getting into it, and why did this occur? And who … made this situation go world-wide… it’s like a bunch of people decide to hold a Christmas party down the street and they all take off and leave the vault open.”