Over the course of the past 2 days, a Turkish court has reportedly ordered a writer and 6 journalists to be remanded in custody for alleged membership in an anti-government terrorist organization (Ergenekon). Odatv.com reports that a total of 15 journalists who write for the Turkish anti-government web site have been detained as a result of the “Odatv raid,” which apparently revealed connections with Ergenekon. Yet Odatv reporters insist that the relationship between the suspects and Ergenekon is one of friendship and not active involvement.

Others, including academics and independent journalists, are said to “have welcomed the investigations as part of an overdue process of strengthening democracy, the rule of law and civilian control over the armed forces.”

Independent sources at 2 major Turkish universities have said that some detained individuals were likely directly associated with anti-government coups planning violent attacks, but that most of the individuals detained and arrested are likely innocent.